Hi Pig, what is your favourite vegetable? - Charlotte aged 10


Hi Charlotte, my favourite veggie ever is TURNIPS! they is sooooooo tatsy.


Hi Pig, how often do you like to roll around in your special patch of mud? - Molly aged 8


Hi Molly, I likes to have a roll around at least once a day. Pigs is loving mud baths VERY much.


Hi Pig, are you enjoying living at your new vegytarian farm? - Tommy aged 7


Hi Tommy, I is REALLY loving living with the Sandals (my name for the vegytarian farmers) They makes the best slops ever! and Mr Sandal sings me songs. How great is that!!!


Hi Pig, why do you like Kitty so much? - Zach


Hi Zach, I likes Kitty 'cos she is so nice to me. She keeps me warm when I is cold and she LOVES the smell of my farts - wouldn't you like a friend who liked the smell of yours?


Hi Pig, what is your third book about? - Zach


Hi Zach, I am afraid that is top secret right now. I can tell you though, that I is having lots of fun playing hide and seek with Cow and playing farty games with Duck.


Hi Pig, why is your name Pig? - Katie


Hi Katie, Farmer called me Pig, so I didn't have a choice. It seems like a good name to me, I is a pig after all.


Hi Pig, how many times are you fed a day? - Lilia


Hi Lilia, I gets fed twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening. If I is good I gets extra big portions, so I always tries to be the best I can.



Hi Pig, what is the 'turnip conversation'? - Emilia


Hi Emilia, the 'turnip conversation' is the one I has with Cow when she says funny words what don't make total sense.


Hi Pig, who is your best friend, Duck, Kitty or Me?-Sammuel


Hi Sammuel, Duck is very much my best friend. But if you is nice and brings me yummy slops then I will think about making you my best friend too.



Hi Pig, where are you in the world? - Amelie and Fin


Hi Amelie and Fin, I is afraid that I is going to have to keep where I is a secret, 'cos that way it will be a suprise when you finds out in my third diary. Don't worry about me though, I is fine and so is all my friends.


Hi Pig, when you where going to Pluto where you scared? - Basher


Hi Basher, yes I was very scared. But going to Pluto wasn't as scary as the idea of being
chip-chopped up by Farmer. So in my head I pretended that I wasn't scared at all.



Hi Pig, do you like strawberries? - Krish


Hi Krish, Strawberries is delicious, but it is very rare I is given them to eat. I thinks farmers likes to keep them all for themselves.



Hi Pig, who is your best friend apart from Duck? - Seva


Hi Seva, Duck is my very best friend, but I also loves Cow very much, and the sheeps when they is not being grumpy.



Hi Pig, do you like chocolate? - Conor


Hi Conor, I has never heard of chocolate. Is it nice? If it is as yummy as slops then please sends me some!



Hi Pig, what is your favorite farm animal? - Chloe


Hi Chloe, I has only ever met the animals on my farm. I thinks they is all great. But I would probably have to say pigs is the best. Ha! Ha! Ha!



Hi Pig, what is your favorite game? Is it counting bubbles in Duck's Pond? - Chloe


Hi Chloe, me and Duck is always thinking up new games, my favorite one at the moment is called Name That Fart. I does a fart and Duck has to guess what animal it sounds like.



Hi Pig, what is your favorite diary, number 1 or 2? - Leo


Hi Leo, I loves them both as much as the other. Right now I is excited about number 3!



Hi Pig, what's your favorite colour? - Khadeeja


Hi Khadeeja, my favoite colour is the colour of yummy turnips, browny-yellow. Is that a colour? I am not sure.


Hi Pig, how is there a Pig website? -Alex


Hi Alex, Duck told me all about the internet. We snuck into the farm house and he helped me make my own webiste on Mr and Mrs Sandal's computer.


Hi Pig, what is your second favorite food? -Milun


Hi Milun, my second favorite food right now is sweetcorn. It used to potatoes, but then I tried super yummy sweetcorn!!!


Hi Pig, what has been your most exciting moment? - Ellie, Holly and Ruben


Hi Ellie, Holly and Ruben, I has has so many exciting moments it is hard to say which one is my favorite. Everytime I gets my slops I gets incredibly excited, and that happens everyday. I also gets super excited when Duck says he likes my ideas. And you are right, I did get really excited when The Sandals arrived. 


Hi Pig, why do you like Kitty best? - Sali


Hi Sali, Kitty is telling me that she really likes me, what is making me feel that she is my new best friend (Duck is my old best friend). But Duck is saying that he is not sure Kitty is telling the truth. I is feeling rather confused.


Hi Pig, if you had one wish what would you wish for? - Saskia


Hi Saskia, that is such a hard question. The first thing what popped into my head was more slops. But then I thought REALLY hard and decided it would be for Duck to be my best friend forever and ever.



Hi Pig, how old are you and Duck? - Jolin aged 7


Hi Joline, I is not sure how old I is. I is big as I can ever be, but I still has very silly thoughts, so I guesses that I must still be quite young inside. I is also not sure how old Duck is. I knows that he lived on the farm before me, so I guesses he must be a little bit older.


Hi Pig, how do you know how to drive the Trocket? - Becket aged 8


Hi Beckett, I is not knowing anything about Trocket flying/driving. I is having to work it out as I goes along. Using the steering wheel was sort of easy and lots of fun. Duck helped me when when we was driving it on land. I never got to use the brake, 'cos my legs wasn't long enough.


Hi Pig, Were you glad you landed in the garden centre instead of the real Pluto were there are no slops? - Norma 


Hi Norma, I is very pleased to be landing in the garden centre. There was things to eat there - which was VERY good. I is still not sure if there is any slops on Pluto - amd I is not sure I wants to find out either. If there was none, that would be the worst thing EVER!


Are you real? How many diaries have you written? Charlotte


Hi Charlotte, Yes! I is very real; big and pink and real. I has written three diaries. But you can't read the third one until this funny farmer thing called February.


Does you like your farm and does you like ice cream as much as slops? Feidhlim aged 10


Hi Feidhlim, I loves my farm very much. All my friends lives there which makes it the best place ever. I does like Ice Cream, I has only had it once though, you can read about what I thought about it in my new diary what you will be able to read next year.


How do you come up with your stories? Rachel


Hi Rachel, I doesn't have to make up my stories. They happens to me. I knows that might sound quite bonkers; how can one pig have so many adventures? But it really is true!!!


What is your least favourite food? Micheal aged 10


Hi Micheal, I REALLY hates lemons. They tatstes yuck, yuck, yuck. Has you ever tried to eat one? When you does it makes your face go all funny and twisted up!


Who do you like more, Mr and Mrs Farmer or the Evil Chickens? Rachel


Hi Rachel, the answer to this question used to be easy: Mr and Mrs Farmer. But then I found out that Farmer wanted to eat me and that changed everything. Now I doens't like any of them!


If you farted really hard could you fly? Mandy


Hi Mandy, I has tried this many times and so far it hasn't worked. But I am hoping that one day I will eat some really amazing slips what will make me rocket up into the sky.

Has you ever farted so hard you has taken off?


Did you ever go back into the shed Farmer was going to chip-chop you up in after he left? Bay age 9


Hi Bay. No I never went into the shed. I found it to smelly and scary in there.


What is your favorite film? Who is your favorite band? Sam


Hi Sam.  I has never seen a film or heard a band (I had to ask Duck what they is to answer this). My favourite film would be one about Turnips. And if there was a band what sung about veggies and slops that would be my favourite one of those.


Are you still living at the Old Farmer's Home? Sophia,age 8.


Hi Sophia, I is afraid I couldn't possibly tell you that. It might spoil it for your when you reads my next diary. I is going to have to keep it top secret for now.


Could you tell me what it feels like to have back scratches? William


Hi William. It feels amazing. When my back is scratched I goes all floaty. It is one of the best things ever - if I had to put it on a list it would be just bellow slops and just above mud baths.


Why did you not worry about Mr and Mrs Sandal wanting to eat you? William


Hi William. I is not worried about Mr and Mrs Sandal eating me, 'cos I knows they don't eat meat. Duck told me this when they arrived. We asked for them to be vegytarian and he said as soon as he saw there sandals that he was 100% sure they was.


How many books will your write? Noah


Hi Noah. I hopes to write lots more diaries. I can tell you there will definitely be a number 4 'cos I am writing it right now!


Who is your favorite music person? Zoe, Joy and Anistasia


Hi Zoe, Joy and Anistasia. Duck tells me that by music person you means someone who sings. My favourite singer is Mr Sandal!


I was wondering, why do you like to write so many "is" in your stories? Maria, age 6


Hi Maria. I is writing in Pig that is why. Pigs is not going to school like you, so we is not knowing how to write right!


What do you do when you are angry? Frank, age 5 (nearly 6)


Hi Frank, When I gets angry I goes and has a roll in my mud patch - it's just behind my house. This calms me down. Being muddy always makes me feel happy again.


When's your birthday? Do you have slops there? Ariana, age 5 


Hi Ariana, I has no idea when my birthday is. But everyday is like my birthday when Mr and Mrs Sandal brings me my slops - they makes the yummiest slops in the whole world!!


What is your favorite thing to do? Tate


Hi Tate, I is not sure what my most favourite thing to do is. It would be either: eating, farting or playing with Duck. If I could do all three at once that would be the best ever.


If you could design your own farm with duck,what would the farm look like? Tate


Hi Tate, If I could design my own farm with Duck it would have: A huge mud bath for me, a massive pond for Duck, lots of fun places to hide for Cow and a big itching post for the Sheeps. It would also have this special machine what would dispense delicious slops whenever I wanted them - that would be SUPER AMAZING!!!


If you could design your own farm with duck,what would the farm look like? Tate


Hi Tate, If I could design my own farm with Duck it would have: A huge mud bath for me, a massive pond for Duck, lots of fun places to hide for Cow and a big itching post for the Sheeps. It would also have this special machine what would dispense delicious slops whenever I wanted them - that would be SUPER AMAZING!!!


I don't like my vegetables with my dinner, would you like them for your slops?? (they will make you do good farts)? Lucy


Hi Lucy, I can't believe you doesn't like your veggies. Is you totally bonkers? They is SO delicious. 

If you doesn't eat them how does you make amazing farts?


Which do you love best Duck or slops? Alice


Hi Alice, I am afraid to say that is an impossible question to answer. Slops is way tastier than Duck (not that I would ever try and eat him, ever!). But Duck is way better to play games with that slops. I thinks I would have to say I loves them both very much.


Is Ki-Ki still on the farm? Cameron


Hi Cameron, Yes, he is right now. I is very happy about this, 'cos he makes a very nice fluffy pillow - oh, and of course because he is a friend.


What would you do if you could fly? Cameron


Hi Cameron, I would ask Duck to teach me how to do loop the loops. I would also, secretly, fly around looking for other veggie patches, what I could 'borrow' a couple of veggies from.


Why don't you tell Duck that you love him, he told you that he loves you? Jamie


Hi Jamie, I does love Duck very much, but I just feels too embarrassed to tell him. I is a shy pig when it comes to these things you see.


Why did the evil chickens want to put you in the Trocket? Alex


Hi Alex,  I thinks the Evil Chickens wanted to put me in the Trocket because they was too scared to go in it themselves. I thinks they thought it might blow up and they wanted me to test it! Not very nice!!!


Why aren't there any Sheeps in your third diary? Christopher age 9


The Sheeps did not come on our adventure because, if I is honest, we didn't ask them.

We had to move fast to save Cow and taking the Sheeps with us would have slowed us down. They would have been stopping every few minutes to have an itch and a scratch. We simply didn't have time for that.


How much did you like Ki-Ki at the end of your third diary? Millie


I has to say, to begin with I is not really liking Ki-Ki at all. I finds him very silly and annoying. 

But as I starts to learn more about him; about how badly he has been treated, I starts to understand why he is the way he is, and I starts to think that maybe there is a good, nice Turkey somewhere inside him. And, it turns out there is, He is actually very kind and caring, in his own odd way. Now I likes him very much.


How would you react if there was no mud in the world? Erin


If there was no mud left in the world I would cry. I would cry a lot. But I would do it somewhere nobody could see me, so they didn't think I was a softie Pig.


Why are you so windy? Jason


I thinks I is so windy because:

A) I is a Pig - and I thinks pigs is very windy generally (though I has never met another one to ask - so I can't be 100% sure).

B) I loves my slops sooooooo much. The more I eats, the more I farts. I thinks there must be a link here.

Why do you like slops? Seana

What is not to like about slops? They is the tastiest thing in the whole world. You should try some, I is sure you would agree.