Hi Emer, what was you favourite book when you were my age? - David aged 9.


Hi David, It was The Whitches by Roald Dahl. I got it for Christmas. I was so sad when I finished it, because I never wanted it to end. 


Hi Emer, why don't you write a book about Pig going to Australia? - Zach


Hi Zach, Pig's diary is published in Australia, I guess if you read it there you would think that Pig was in Australia. It all depends on where you read the book as to where you think it is set.


Hi Emer, are you writing a thrid book?- Grace aged 9


Hi Grace, yes Pig and I are busy writing a third diary right now! It will be in bookshops next February.


Hi Emer,which book is your favourite and why?- Sam


Hi Sam, I love the Whitches, but have already given that answer, my next fav would be Danny Champion of the World - I loved the idea of catching pheasants using rasins filled with sleeping pills.


Hi Emer,do you like the books you write? - Ali


Hi Ali, yes I like them. I wish I was a kid again so I could read them and see if I liked them as a child.


Hi Emer,does Farmer ever give Pig a bath? - Lilia


Hi Lilia, Farmer has only given Pig a bath once, when he got covered in Poo, and smelt really bad. If Pig only smells of Pig or mud, he doesn't bother. Did you know that Pigs are actually one of the cleanest animals?


Hi Emer,Do you like dogs? Will you put a farm dog into your third or forth book? - Grace aged 8


Hi Grace, I do like dogs. When I grew up we always had sheepdogs. At the momment I have no plan to put one in book 3 - I have no idea about book 4.


Hi Emer, what are you hobbies apart from writing and illustrating? - Emillia


Hi Emillia, I do Muay Thai. It's a kind of kick-boxing. I am not great at it - but it keeps me fit. I also cycle everywhere. I love kitesurfing, but don't get to do it very much because I don't live near the sea.



Hi Emer, please tell us when we will have another Pig book to read? - Amelie and Fin


Hi Amelie and Fin, you should have a brand new Pig book to read in February 2016. I know it's a long time to wait - but I want to make sure it is super, super good.


Hi Emer, How do you make Pig funny and is it hard work? - Evan aged 6.


Hi Evan, I love writing about Pig, I have a very silly sense of humour. Though sometimes it can be difficult and feel like hard work - especially when I am trying to work out how to get Pig out of the pickles I get him into- but when I get messages from fans like you, it makes it all seem ok. 


Hi Emer, which is your favorite Pig book? - Daniel.


Hi Daniel, I don't have a favourite. The books are like my children, it would be impossible to decide which I love more.


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