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Me on the farm.

Hello I is Pig. I is 465 sunsets old, but everyday I gets older, so this fact is only correct right now on the day I is writing. I lives with my best friend Duck and my good friends Cow and the Sheeps. If you has read my diary you will be knowing all about this stuff already. If you is wanting to ask me a question about any of my life, you can. You just clicks on the blue envelope.

Hello, I am Emer. I am not too old and not too young. I live in London with my best friend and husband Adam and my children Willem and Jamie. I grew up on a small farm in Devon. This is where I met Pig and all his friends. If you would like to find out lots more about me please visit my website (click the big purple button) or if you'd like to ask me a question click the green envelope.

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